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Welcome to Good Heart , where compassion meets action! We are a dedicated team committed to making a positive impact on the world. At Good Heart, we believe in the power of collective kindness, and we invite you to join us in creating positive change for those in need.

Our Core Beliefs

Our organization truly believes that by working together, we can save more lives than ever before.

Compassion in Action

We believe that compassion is a force capable of transcending boundaries and transforming lives. By translating empathy into tangible actions, we strive to alleviate suffering and bring hope to those facing adversity.

Empowering Communities

Our mission is rooted in the empowerment of communities. We work towards creating opportunities for education, health, and sustainable livelihoods, recognizing that empowered communities are the architects of their own progress.

Equality and Inclusion

We champion the principles of equality and inclusion. Our mission is to dismantle barriers and create a world where every individual, regardless of background or circumstance, has access to the resources and opportunities necessary for a dignified life.

Our Commitment



We are dedicated to transparency in our operations and finances, ensuring that our supporters can trust that their contributions are making a genuine impact.



Collaboration is at the heart of our mission. We actively seek partnerships with like-minded organizations, governments, and individuals to amplify our collective impact and address complex challenges.



Embracing innovation allows us to find creative and effective solutions to evolving issues. We continually explore new approaches to maximize the reach and effectiveness of our programs.

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Charity in Numbers

At Good Heart, we believe in transparency and accountability. Our commitment to making a positive impact is reflected in the numbers, demonstrating the real and tangible difference we collectively make in the lives of those we serve.

We prioritize efficient fund allocation, ensuring the majority of funds directly benefit our programs and initiatives.

We are committed to sustainable impact that goes beyond immediate relief. Through strategic initiatives, education, and capacity-building, we aim to create a ripple effect, ensuring that positive changes endure for generations to come.

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Meet Our Team

Wade Warren

Lead Volunteer

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Lead Volunteer

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Lead Volunteer

Bessie Cooper

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Lead Volunteer

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Please join us to help children around the world have a better life